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Welcome to my website.  I’m transitioning to WordPress at the moment, but I promised my new and improved site  back up by 8/15/2010, maybe sooner, so here it is.  More to come. The new Music Blog will (eventually) feature details on: * using spreadsheet software for piano roll “sheet music” * using my  FREE custom font StaffKlavar, developed with FontStruct to make “beginner” sheet music with just a text editor.  The font is designed for alternative notations such as KlavarSkribo: staff lines vertical on the page, 12 positions per octave instead of just 7. * my “Janko” configured glockenspiel. And I plan to blog other topics too. Caveat: I’m just starting to use WordPress. Please forgive any errors in websmanship, but do let me know so I can fix them. Dr. Tech Daddy

About DrTechDaddy

"Dr. Tech Daddy" is Joe Austin, a retired computer science professor. My interests include: software development (web and mobile), STEM and music education; learning to play the piano; mathematical foundations of computing; popular theoretical physics; model railroading (G, N, Thomas); Lego robots; history and theology of the Judaeo-Christian Church.
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