Learning Music with help from Computers — Blog Intro

Learning Music — with the Help of Computers Welcome to my first attempt at a blog.  I’m starting with my experiences using computers to help me learn to  play music, particularly a keyboard instrument such as the piano. Ultimately, I want to be able to play “music”, not just “notes”.  I think this means:
  • train my ears to hear the musical rhythm, melody, harmony, and form
  • train my fingers to play what I “hear”
  • improve notation to better match the musical structure and the keyboard structure
  • train my eyes to hear and play what I see
  • improve the instrument to make it easier to play
I’ll be exploring the use of computer hardware, software, and MIDI to help with these tasks. I’ll be using a Roland MIDI piano, a Yamaha keyboard, both Windows and MAC laptops, and an iPad. [Since I’m brand new at blogging, these first posts may be somewhat primitive.  I’m hoping to add photos, documents, and midi file examples as my blogging skills improve. ]

About DrTechDaddy

"Dr. Tech Daddy" is Joe Austin, a retired computer science professor. My interests include: software development (web and mobile), STEM and music education; learning to play the piano; mathematical foundations of computing; popular theoretical physics; model railroading (G, N, Thomas); Lego robots; history and theology of the Judaeo-Christian Church.
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