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The Minister and the Doctor

Watch my beautiful story.  I believe it was a message from a loving Father God. What do you think?     If you are viewing the archive list, click the post heading to see the slide show.  Click a slide … Continue reading
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A Change of Heart

I’m a survivor. A survivor of Congenital Heart Disease and a Heart Transplant. And I do believe, a miracle–many miracles, in fact. I’ll be sharing some of those stories from time to time.  If you are interested in other stories … Continue reading
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Absolute Timing Notation — Note On Only

Another attempt to improve music timing notation– To make the actual beginning of each note stand out, I tried putting a note of minimal duration only at the starting time, and replacing the remainder of the duration with rests in … Continue reading
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Welcome to the Trains Blog

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Welcome to Robotics

Welcome to my Robotics blog. A new  blog is currently under construction, but will detail my work with Lego Robotics and Microcontrollers: other robotics projects: Parallax Boe-Bot, micorcontrollers: Parallax SX, Parallax Propeller, Arduino
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