A Change of Heart

I’m a survivor. A survivor of Congenital Heart Disease and a Heart Transplant. And I do believe, a miracle–many miracles, in fact. I’ll be sharing some of those stories from time to time.  If you are interested in other stories of Congenital Heart Disease or Heart Transplant patients, check out these websites:   Congenital Heart Information Network http://tchin.org/support/ Transplant Buddies  http://www.transplantbuddies.org/ Transplant Friends  http://www.transplantfriends.com/group/hearttransplantrecipients  

About DrTechDaddy

Dr Tech Daddy is a retired computer science professor with additional interests in music, robotics, STEM education, model railroading, mathematical physics, congenital heart disease and heart transplant, and Christian theology.
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