Hi.  I’m Joe “Dr. Tech Daddy”  Austin, a retired Computer Science professor, amateur music student and heart transplant survivor living near Raleigh, NC.   I’ll be chronicling some projects that have been on my “back burner” for a while that I finally have time to work on.  Please come back later to see what’s new. Being retired, I have time available for volunteer work. If you have a worthy project that could use some help, contact me.  I especially like helping young people learn–grown-ups too.  Some things I’ve done:
  • taught Computer Science at undergraduate and graduate level: programming, database, theory.
  • written grants for computing and robotics lab equipment
  • conducted Lego Robotics summer camp and other robotics outreach programs for middle school students
  • taught computer logic classes using digital circuits and micro-controllers (Parallax, Radio Shack).
  • taught adult Sunday School and middle-school children’s Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.
  • with my wife, raised three daughters, who all turned out to be artists of one kind or another
Other qualifications:
  • Secondary (9-12) Teacher Certification (TX) in  Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics
  • Ph.D. Computer Science; B.S. Physics; lots of Math.
  • over 20 years experience in computer applications and operating systems software development and communication protocols design with major computer companies (IBM, Unisys);
  • 15 years college teaching.

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