Links to sites referenced in the blogs: Music Notation Project: Organization developing alternative music notations and open-source score editors PDFCreator: Program to convert Windows print files to pdf format (free)–useful to convert printouts for web posting FontStruct: Program to generate True-type fonts (free) Klavarskribo Notation: Explanation of this 12-tone vertical staff notation. Klavar Music Foundation of Great Britain:  (UK)  Non-profit promoter of KlavarSkribo notation; source of information, tutorials, and software for this system. KlavarSkribo publisher: Music publisher site (Netherlands)–source of printed sheet-music in this notation. PianoCheater: Program to connect midi keyboard to PC and display dynamic “play-along” piano-roll scores (free) Synthesia: Synthesia: Program to connect midi keyboard to PC and display dynamic “play-along” piano-roll scores (free) Tri-Chromatic Keyboard: Roy Pertchik’s three color Janko keyboard vibraphone (US Patent #6,566,593 B2–contact Roy if you want to use his system!)  This system provides uniform key arrangement and coloring in all 12 keys.  NOTE: The low note on the actual instrument is Eb (red); Pertchik recommends the color sequence for Eb-E-F as red-white-black, then repeat. US Patent #6,566,593 B2: Pertchik’s tri-chromatic patent, with an explanation of the system.

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  1. DrTechDaddy says:

    Are you referring to “How to Play from a Fake Book” by Blake Neely?

    Of course, this blog is focusing on notation, not arranging or performance.
    My goal is to make it easy to produce your own notation,
    so once you have worked out your arrangement from the fake book,
    you can “score” it it a way that’s easy for you to understand and play.

  2. Rodolfo says:

    I am an adult who has used false books largely as a tegeaner when I played the accordion in a combo. Now, (much, much later), I’m learning to play an electronic keyboard competently with both hands, and reserve Blake Neely became a valuable asset to my library. I knew how to use a fake book melodies and play with my right hand, but how to play a song, and have a good sound of a piano (or in my case a Yamaha PSR540 keyboard)?? In this book, I found the answer. Start with a left hand accompaniment simple just play the root of the chord. Then follow the construction of a contest, step by step: add a fifth to the root, to learn alongside the composition of a major agreement and the agreement of all, learn to agree and reverse how to play, learn minor chords and their investments, learning to move easily from one chord to another without having to jump over the keyboard, learn the options on the left that s extend beyond simply playing the chord complete block, ie the use of rope into two parts, the root and fifth alternate playing both sides of the rope, play the chord as an arpeggio. During these lessons, the songs lend themselves to try things and the songs chosen to do, in fact, a great noise with the technique explained in the lessons. While learning to play in a single line of music, the songs are listed in the treble and bass clef, so you can see what your left hand should be done. Here are some songs with only the treble clef to see if you can do yourself. course, you, the student must take the time to learn these agreements. The book shows what they are, but you must do your homework they have lots of practice for most players to see a rope and you agree finger keyboard. have not finished the book yet I’m still trying to master all the major and minor chords, so I can play instantly. But all this has been covered in the first 27 pages of this book is 88 pages (including 20 songs to illustrate the lessons.) May be seventh chords, augmented and diminshed agreements, changes in the agreement seventh, ninth and eleventh and 40 songs to illustrate the agreements and the techniques discussed in each lesson. I really want to devour each lesson and loving every minute. After all, with a fake book, you have hundreds of parts with which to practice the techniques taught in this book. I highly recommend this book to all those who want to play many false books available on the market today.

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